Best Fried Clams in New England

10 Best Fried Clams in New England

Seafood expert Mike Urban has sampled fried clams at more New England shacks than he can count. Here are his picks for the best fried clams in New England.
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Julia Child’s Kitchen | New England’s Gifts

Thousands of viewers tuned in to see Julia Child's kitchen, which they saw as an extension of their own, and where they came to be instructed and entertained.
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Guide to the New Hampshire Seacoast | Where to Play, Eat, Shop, and Stay

Heading to the New Hampshire seacoast? Peruse our Guide to the New Hampshire Seacoast -- from things to do, to where to eat, shop and stay.
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Sky Bar | New England’s Classic Chocolate Candy Bar

One of America's oldest chocolate bars, Sky Bar is an old-fashioned New England candy favorite filled with caramel, vanilla, peanut, and fudge.
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Blueberry Cocktail

The Cocktail Hour Garden | Fresh Blueberry Cocktail Recipe

Designing a "cocktail hour garden" is a great way to elevate your relaxation and entertaining game from your own backyard. Here's how, plus a fresh blueberry cocktail recipe that's perfect for summer.
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Cape Arundel Inn

Best Surf-On-Turf View - White-tablecloth dining with a knockout view of crashing surf and the Bush estate at Walker’s Point combines with well-prepared classic fare.

Wicker Furniture | New England’s Gifts

Design historians usually give credit for the evolution of wicker furniture in America to a grocer named Cyrus Wakefield, who discovered a use for the strips of rattan he’d seen on the wharves in Boston.
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A Vermont Farm Stay Destination for All Seasons

Why visit Liberty Hill Farm Inn—Beth’s famous farm-fresh meals, the quiet comfort inherent to the heart of Vermont and the everyday adventure that is life on the farm. Plan Your Stay Today!
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