new england baked bean sandwich

6 Classic New England Sandwiches

From fried clams to marshmallow Fluff, these six New England sandwiches are regional classics we can't live without.
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Carve your new winter adventure

Whether you dream of conquering a mountain, hitting the trails or making unforgettable memories, you can do it all and more in New Hampshire. Plan your winter getaway.
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New Hampshire Seacoast | Featured Photographer Philip Case Cohen

We asked featured photographer Philip Case Cohen to share some of his favorite photographs of the New Hampshire seacoast.
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JFK Birthplace

Visiting the JFK Birthplace | A National Historic Site

Now a National Historic Site, the JFK birthplace in Brookline, Massachusetts is a worthy destination for both history buffs and Kennedy admirers.
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broccoli noodle casserole

Broccoli-Noodle Casserole

Easy and delicious, this broccoli-noodle casserole with cheese recipe is a meatless crowd pleaser.
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Yankee Magazine's Holiday Issue

Don't Miss ... Our Best Holiday Recipes, Festive Holiday Shopping Towns, and Christmas in Boston.

The Woodpile Personality Test | Only in New England

What’s your woodpile style? The experts at Yankee’s research center for advanced wood studies developed this test to help you find out.
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Birds in Flight Gallery

See Hugh Verrier’s amazing life-size three-dimensional watercolors: paper sculptures of blue herons, egrets, loons, woodpeckers, and puffins.
Historical Staffordshire

Historical Staffordshire | Antiques

Adorned with portraits of American heroes and depicting important battle scenes and scenic views, antique Historical Staffordshire is a popular collectible.
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