Vegetarian Baked Beans

Vegetarian Baked Beans | Slow Cooker Recipe

This slow-cooker vegetarian baked beans recipe packs in all the flavor of old-fashioned New England baked beans, only without the meat.
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Top 5 New England Winter Getaways

10 Best New England Winter Getaways

These three New England winter getaways have some of the best scenic skiing, fine dining, and quality lodging that New England has to offer.
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Hook, line and tip-ups

Is Maine ice fishing a sport? A culture? A portal to a happier place? Yes to all. So rent an ice shack, pull up a bucket, set your tips-ups and get ready for that lunker.
Lemon-Lime Tassie Cookies

Big Mama’s Lemon-Lime Tassies

Filled with citrus curd and made in tiny muffin pans, these lemon-lime tassie cookies are tart, sweet, and just plain delicious.
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Please come in

Nothing rivals Maine’s great outdoors in winter. Except our excellent indoors. From the Children’s Museum in Portland to indoor rock climbing and go-carting in Scarborough to shopping center-carting in Kittery and Freeport.
Way to Have Fun in New Hampshire This Winter

17 Ways to Have Fun in New Hampshire This Winter

Every region of New Hampshire offers a good dose of winter fun, from zip-lining through the forest to ice skating in a historic seaside town.
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Happy Trails

Over the river and through the woods to the most fun you can have with your boots on. Maine’s world-class hiking trails are even world-classier on a cool pair of snowshoes.
Wolf Hollow Gray Wolf Sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Wolf Hollow Gray Wolf Sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts | Photos

A collection of images from the Wolf Hollow gray wolf sanctuary in Ipswich, Massachusetts, from photographer Kieran Kesner.
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Caribou, Maine | Culture of the Cold

Culture of the Cold in Caribou, Maine

In Caribou, Maine, where some of the coldest temperatures in North America have been recorded and where subzero temperatures often linger for days, people have learned, “If you can’t embrace it, you’re never gonna like it.”
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Here's to you

What are the two things Maine’s craft breweries have in common? The authentic goodness of Maine-made beer. And a Maine Beer Trails Passport with your name on it. Who needs one?