Easy Brown Bread in a Can Recipe

Brown Bread in a Jar

What's the easiest brown bread in a can recipe? The one that's actually brown bread in a jar! Made with cornmeal, wheat, and rye flours, plus buttermilk and molasses, this brown bread in a jar recipe is the easy way to enjoy a mini Boston classic.
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How the Kancamagus Highway Got Its Name and How to Pronounce It

How the Kancamagus Highway Got Its Name and How to Pronounce It

One of the most scenic roads in America lies in the heart of the New Hampshire mountains. Learn the history of the Kancamagus Scenic Byway.
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Welcoming Porch Boards Made in Massachusetts!

Proudly made in Massachusetts, these Porch Boards are the perfect welcome message to your home. Lean these 4-foot weatherproof signs next to your front door or hang in a mudroom or entryway!
Dutch Baby with Ham & Cheese

Dutch Baby with Ham & Cheese

We love this light and fluffy oven-baked pancake topped with ham, drizzled with Monterey Jack, Parmesan, and chives.
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Asparagus Vinaigrette Recipe

Asparagus Vinaigrette

Sweet spring asparagus is particularly well suited to a nice soak in a shallot-scented dressing.
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Make it a Weekend at the Ocean House

The Artisan in Residence Series continues. Register for the Reception and the two hands-on workshops with Joe Higgins who has been practicing the art of Gyotaku for over a decade. April 23rd thru April 25th.
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Fall Visit to Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Best of Portsmouth, NH | Hotels & Inns

The abundance of hotels in Portsmouth, NH, makes it a wonderful seaside city destination. Here’s a list of favorite Portsmouth, NH, hotels and inns.
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13 Yiddish Words We All Say

13 Yiddish Words We All Say

Here are 13 Yiddish words we all say. How many of them do you use in your daily conversation?
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How can I keep my floors sparkly clean?

Great for dusting tile, laminates, marble and hard wood floors! This amazing mop has been handmade in New England for over 111 years. The wool in this mop draws dust like a magnet!
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