New England Indian Pudding

New England Indian Pudding (1978)

Here's a classic, old-fashioned recipe for New England Indian Pudding from the Yankee archives. Made with cornmeal, molasses, ginger, and cinnamon, it's a rich and comforting treat.
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Guide to Peterborough, NH

Guide to Peterborough, New Hampshire

This inviting little town tucked away in southern New Hampshire has everything from boutique shopping to hiking.
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The Joy of Cruising | New England from the Water

Cruise ships can transport you in more ways than you think. Mel Allen reflects on a memorable New England cruise experience spent with his mother shortly after his father's death.
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Deep-Dish Rhubarb Pie

If you love rhubarb as much as we do, this Deep-Dish Rhubarb Pie recipe is for you. It isn't overly sweet, allowing tart flavor to take center stage.
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Five Notable New England Unsolved Mysteries

5 Notable New England Unsolved Mysteries

From Lizzie Borden to the Smuttynose murders, New England is home to a number of unusual cold cases. Here are 5 well-known unsolved mysteries.
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The Ghost of the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge

The Eunice Williams Covered Bridge in Greenfield, Massachusetts, has a long history of murder and mystery. But is it haunted?
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