Needhams Candy Recipe

Potatoes are the Maine ingredient in needhams candy — an old-fashioned favorite in a state still known for its potato production.
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The Great Divide | Are There Mountain Lions in New England?

“Cougar truthers” are certain that the big cat is living and breeding again in New England. Wildlife experts say no. Not yet. But one day…
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smells of new england

Why Are My Lilacs Not Blooming? | Gardening Advice

Have lilacs with no flowers? Follow our expert gardening advice to get your lilacs blooming again.
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Exploring Gulf Hagas | Brownville, Maine

Virtual Visit | Gulf Hagas, the Incredible ‘Grand Canyon of Maine’

Gulf Hagas, a beautiful slate gorge with a series of waterfalls and towering rock walls, is still a relatively unknown Maine destination to many. Plan a visit for when you're ready to travel again.
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Oyster Guide | New England Oysters

Guide to New England Oyster Varieties

Our handy New England oyster guide will help you find the best oysters to suit your needs and please your taste buds.
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Stop Rocking Chairs from Sliding | Rocking Chair Repair

Stop Rocking Chairs from Sliding | Rocking Chair Repair Tips

When your rocking chair turns into a walking chair, it's time to take action. Here are a few rocking chair repair tips to stop rocking chairs from sliding.
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