Sleepy Hollow Farm in Pomfret, Vermont.

The History of Sleepy Hollow Farm | How a Humble Vermont Homestead Became an Instagram Icon

It’s one of the most photographed properties in Vermont — but it didn’t start out that way. Learn the history of Pomfret’s Sleepy Hollow Farm.
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A Del's lemonade truck with a server at the window and a "Refreshingly Different!" slogan on the side.

Del’s Lemonade | Up Close

Founded by Angelo DeLucia in 1948, Del’s Lemonade is no longer a local secret; it's one of Rhode Island’s signature brands.
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Wool Dry Mops Made in VT - Celebrating 111 Years!

Reach new levels of clean with Sladust's wool dry mops. Perfect for tile, laminate, marble, and hard wood, these mops are called the "World's Finest" for a reason!
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Collecting Sea Glass | The Allure of Mermaids’ Tears

Those bits of sea glass ground smooth by the ocean before being scattered on the beach (sometimes known as mermaids' tears) can touch the imagination in special ways.
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The Wiggly Bridge “York & Stormy”

Bourbon and spicy ginger beer make the perfect pair in this easy summer cocktail.
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Franks and Beans

Franks and Beans | A Saturday Night Tradition

The yin-yang of trying to achieve excellence with franks and beans, was the secret of not only a great supper, but of a marriage as well.
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Nine Men’s Misery | A Historic (and Possibly Haunted) Site in Cumberland, RI

In the woods of Cumberland, RI, Nine Men's Misery marks the spot where nine colonists were captured and killed by the Wampanoag during King Philip’s War.
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