Vida Cantina Guacamole Recipe

Vida Guacamole

We love this guacamole recipe blend from chef David Vargas of Vida Cantina in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which gets its zing from fresh lime juice and serrano chilies.
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We want to share our July/August Yankee with YOU!

Take a break and read about Maine's spectacular Blue Hill region, plus coastal gifts, tacos with a twits, and much more.
Favorite Things to do in Vermont

10 Favorite Things to Do in Vermont | A Yankee Bucket List

Yankee's long-time Editor shares a list of favorite things to do in Vermont — from the quintessential Vermont town to the perfect foliage drive.
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World's Best Cheesecake

The World’s Best Cheesecake

With its smooth, creamy center, buttery graham cracker crust, and a touch of tangy lemon, this truly is the Best Cheesecake in the world.
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The Summer Sizzles with NHPBS!

Let’s beat the heat with the NHPBS Summer Sizzle Raffle. Fifty-five cash prizes will be awarded and the grand prize winner will walk away with $5,000! Enter today for some cold hard cash from NHPBS!
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Best New Hampshire Beaches | Where to Go

Best New Hampshire Beaches

Lakeside or oceanfront, action-packed or totally relaxed — when it comes to New Hampshire beaches, there’s something for everyone.
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Greetings from Camden, Yankee readers age 55+!

Quarantine time = time to dream! Contact Quarry Hill today for literature about our easy-living cottages and apartments and start making your Maine dream come true.
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Life at Sea | Photographs by Maine Fisherman Joel Woods

A collection of intimate images depicting the beauty and danger of life at sea from Maine fisherman photographer Joel Woods.
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Celebrate everything New England with a Yankee All-Access Charter Membership! Includes streaming of the first two seasons of Weekends with Yankee!
common crackers

Common Crackers | New England’s Classic Cracker

Common crackers, New England's favorite old-fashioned chowder crackers, can be hard to find, but are worth it. Learn about one of our favorite brands.
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