Best 5 Alternative New England Coastal Towns

Best 5 Lesser-Known New England Coastal Towns to Visit This Summer

Looking for "new" New England coastal towns to explore this summer? These seaside destinations lack nothing... except crowds and name recognition.
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sour mustard pickles

Mother’s Sour Mustard Pickles Recipe

We can't imagine an easier, faster sour mustard pickles recipe. Keep in the refrigerator or seal in jars. The longer they sit, the spicier they get.
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We want to share our July/August Yankee with YOU!

Take a break and read about Maine's spectacular Blue Hill region, plus coastal gifts, tacos with a twits, and much more.

The Buffalo Bay Bounce

Sweet memories of a family’s seaside retreat also bring questions about what the future holds.
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Sprague's Lobster in Wiscasset, Maine

In Praise of Sprague’s Lobster in Wiscasset, Maine

Craving a mid-coast Maine lobster roll or lobster dinner? Skip the long lines at some other shacks and head to Sprague's Lobster in Wiscasset, Maine.
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Cobbler vs. Crisp | Funny Names for Old-Fashioned Fruit Desserts

Cobbler vs. crisp? Slump vs. buckle? Learn the difference between the many funny names for fruity old fashioned desserts, plus recipes!
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Things to Do in Hyannis, MA | Coastal Weekend Getaways

Things to Do in Hyannis, MA | Coastal Weekend Getaways

Yankee Magazine editors share some of their favorite places to eat, favorite places to stay, and favorite things to do in Hyannis, MA.
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