Guide to Freeport, Maine

The Ultimate Guide to Freeport, Maine

Freeport, Maine, beckons visitors with small-town charm, outlet shopping, and outdoor fun along the beautiful Atlantic coast.
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The Jewels of Summer | In Season

At New Hampshire’s Edgewater Farm, the late summer tomato harvest is the sweetest season of all. Here are five delicious recipes to make the most of your summer tomato haul.
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Take a break and read about Maine's spectacular Blue Hill region, plus coastal gifts, tacos with a twits, and much more.
Prettiest Lakes in New England

Prettiest Lakes in New England

Looking for crystal-clear freshwater lakes? We've rounded up ten of the prettiest lakes in New England, all of which are definitely worth a visit.
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Rockport Harbor

Rockport, Maine | A Charming, Historic Harbor Town

A picture-perfect harbor and Andre the Seal statue are just some of the many reasons to visit the charming coastal village of Rockport, Maine.
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Rhode Island Clear Broth Clam Chowder

The rich broth of this clear broth Rhode Island clam chowder is loaded with potatoes, bacon, and either cherry-stones or quahogs.
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African violet

4 Houseplants to Grow from Seeds

Though taking plant cuttings and rooting them is the most common way of propagating new houseplants, some houseplants can be grown from seeds.
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