Lessons of the Field | Maine’s Aroostook County Potato Harvest

In Maine’s Aroostook County, everyone chips in during fall potato harvest.
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Discover Central MA

Whether you're seeking summer treats, fall festivals, or hiking trails, we invite you to explore the Discover Central MA website for inspiring ideas, itineraries, and events.
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5 New England Luxury Camping "Glamping" Spots | AutoCamp

Guide to New England Glamping

For a step above sleeping bags and pup tents but a step below cushy hotel mattresses and HDTV, try glamping in New England.
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The Talking with My Mouth Full Podcast

"Talking With My Mouth Full" takes an unexpected--and often irreverent--look at the ways food and drink intersect our lives. In each episode, hosts David Leite and Amy Traverso and their guest's question, laugh, and quibble their way through all manner of culinary conundrums, obsessions, fads, and fancies.
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tomato soup cake cream cheese frosting

Tomato Soup Cake

This sweet and spicy homemade Tomato Soup Cake, topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting, is a retro recipe classic.
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Apples, Apples, and More Apples

Ready for another Flavors of New England Webinar? On Sept. 22, at 7 p.m. – A journey into the fascinating world of apples. From the history to recipes to the best picking in New England.

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The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

The Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

Will we ever know the full story of the Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone? The unusual New Hampshire stone egg has baffled geological experts and historians for decades.
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Glass suncatchers made in New Hampshire!

These hand-pressed suncatchers from Old Hancock Glassworks in New Hampshire feature the beautiful designs of your favorite plants, animals, birds, or flowers!
Old Hancock Lobster Suncatcher
Boston Cream Pie

8 Favorite New England Desserts

From sweet apple pie to cream-filled whoopie pies, these eight New England desserts are tried and true Yankee classics.
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Never lose your place again!

These maple bookmarks measure less than 1 millimeter thick, so they won't damage your book's binding. Each bookmarklet is decorated with a colorful design. Choose from your favorite flowers and backyard birds!
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Cardinal Wooden Bookmark
Guide to North Conway, NH

Guide to North Conway, NH | Eat, Stay & Play

North Conway, NH, is a popular destination in the Mount Washington Valley, offering everything from great shopping and dining to hiking and skiing.
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Invoke the coast!

Start your day with one of these mugs! Each one features a hand-dipped glaze and an elegant coastal design!
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