A Visit to Peaks Island, Maine

Just a short ferry ride from Portland, Maine, the picture-perfect Peaks Island offers the perfect New England summer escape.
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Naturally clean hard-to-reach places!

Great for dusting hard-to-reach lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, air vents, and molding! This amazing duster has been handmade in New England for over 111 years. The wool draws dust like a magnet!
Exploring Gulf Hagas | Brownville, Maine

Gulf Hagas, the Incredible ‘Grand Canyon of Maine’

Gulf Hagas, a beautiful slate gorge with a series of waterfalls and towering rock walls, is still a relatively unknown Maine destination to many. Plan a visit for when you're ready to travel again.
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Delightful Suncatchers Made with Recycled Glass

These hand-pressed suncatchers from Old Hancock Glassworks in New Hampshire feature the beautiful designs of your favorite plants, animals, birds, or flowers!
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Sugar Hill, Rainbow

Sugar Hill Lupine Festival | June’s Must-See Event in NH

The Sugar Hill Lupine Festival has become one of New Hampshire's most colorful and popular summer events. Find out what makes this floral festival so special.
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9 New England Coastal Hotels to Visit This Summer

Nine top hotel stays for those looking to save a few clams, or shell out big, in peak season.
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The Best Ice Cream in Every New England State

Yankee senior food editor Amy Traverso chooses her favorite scoops from around New England.
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