Snow Pudding with Light Custard Sauce 1

Snow Pudding with Light Custard Sauce

Served with custard sauce, this light and refreshing snow pudding recipe is perfect for any occasion, but it's especially fun to make in winter. 
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A small container of Hood ice cream with vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry sections. The container has a red and white polka dot design and the brand name "Hoodsie" printed on it.

Hoodsie Cups | The Classic New England Ice Cream Treat

Can't decide between chocolate and vanilla? With Hoodsie Cups -- a favorite New England ice cream treat -- you don't have to choose.
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Blueberry Buckle

Best Blueberry Buckle Recipe

Made with wild Maine blueberries and a cinnamon crumb topping, this old-fashioned blueberry buckle recipe is a New England summer favorite.
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Piccalilli Relish

This piccalilli relish recipe made from chopped, pickled vegetables, is as tasty on burgers as it is on baked beans.
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Joe Froggers Recipe

This Joe Froggers recipe is a classic and much-loved New England treat!
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