Homemade Maple Walnut Ice Cream

Homemade Maple-Walnut Ice Cream

This delicious ice cream recipe gets its rich flavor from two simple steps: concentrating the maple syrup by simmering it for 10 minutes, and toasting the walnuts.
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Sip out of this friendly lobster mug!

These mugs feature a lobster design with a whimsical lobster tail folding over into the mug interior as if to stir your coffee.
Favorite Corn Recipes

Crispy Fish with Fresh Corn and Scallions

A recipe for a quick and delicious crispy fish dinner: crisp, corn-crusted fish served over an easy corn-scallion sauté.
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Classic Oyster Placemats Available Now!

These machine washable placemats feature dazzling oysters!

Baked-Apple Mini-Crisps

If you love baked apples and apple crisp, why not combine them? Topping apple halves with streusel and baking them in sweet cider gives you the best of two classic desserts.
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Delightful coaster sets with bouncing buoys!

These beautiful 4-piece earthenware coaster set feature colorful buoys. Each set comes raffia wrapped ready to give as a hostess gift!
Zucchini Carrot Muffins Recipe

Zucchini Carrot Muffins

Yogurt keeps these delightfully moist zucchini carrot muffins fresh for days (if you can hold on to them that long), and the nutmeg gives them extra zip.
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Elegant dish towel with subtle coastal colors!

This lovely cotton dish towel has handcrafted embroidery and is the perfect accent for a coastal summer!
beanhole beans

Tom Curren’s Beanhole Beans

An authentic recipe for old-fashioned beanhole beans from NH's logging-camp days, adapted for the home oven.
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Find delicious recipes in The Apple Lover's Cookbook!

The Apple Lover's Cookbook is a celebration of apples in all their wonderful diversity, from Yankee Senior Food Editor Amy Traverso! Find scrumptious recipes, apple picking tips, and more for appley-delicious fun!
The Apple Lover's Cookbook: The Classic Guide to Cooking and Eating Apples by Amy Traverso