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Ode to the Baked Bean Sandwich

Wondering what to do with leftover baked beans? In many New England households, leftover baked beans were (and sometimes still are) the perfect filling for a thick baked bean sandwich.


75 Classic New England Foods

New England cuisine has a well-deserved reputation for being seasonal, hearty, and comforting. From American Chop Suey to Yankee Pot Roast, here’s an A-Z list of 75 classic New England foods worth celebrating. Did your favorites make the list?

Yankee Magazine

Asparagus | In Season

While asparagus is not indigenous to New England (it comes from Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa), it’s so deeply rooted in the food culture here, so cherished as one of the first crops of late spring, that I think it qualifies as an honorary native. This is especially true in the fertile floodplains of […]

Parker House Rolls
Yankee Magazine

New England Breads

A collection of favorite New England breads, including Anadama, Parker House Rolls, Whole Wheat, and No-Knead. A loaf of bread, a glass of wine … yes, satisfying things. But more satisfying is when you let life slow down (just a little bit) and you make the bread yourself. The overall time from start to finish […]

Anadama Bread

The Legend Behind Anadama Bread

New England has bragging rights to a whole dinner party’s worth of dishes. Some, like New England Clam Chowder, Boston Baked Beans, and Boston Cream Pie need no explanation. Others, like Indian Pudding, Parker House Rolls, and Johnnycakes may not be immediately familiar, but are no less deserving of their place at the table. In […]

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