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New England Steamed Clams | Guide & Recipes

A heaping tray of steamed clams with bowls of broth and butter dipping is a sure sign of summer in New England. Here are some tips on how to cook steamers.


75 Classic New England Foods

New England cuisine has a well-deserved reputation for being seasonal, hearty, and comforting. From American Chop Suey to Yankee Pot Roast, here’s an A-Z list of 75 classic New England foods worth celebrating. Did your favorites make the list?

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Ten Best Beach Towns

New England is blessed with hundreds of miles of coastline and many towns that touch the sea. Whether you’re looking for waves to ride, long sandy stretches, or lots of family activities, there’s a beach town for you on our list.

Ogunquit, York County, Maine
Yankee Magazine

Ogunquit, Maine | Best Beach Town

In Ogunquit, folks plan each summer day according to the tides. Halfway between high tide and low tide, when the current of the Ogunquit River flows swiftly out to the Atlantic, people congregate on the flat stretch of sand that rolls down to the riverbank. They carry an assortment of flotation devices: rafts, boogie boards, […]


Revisiting New England best restaurants, circa 1940

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about Imogene Wolcott, Yankee’s first food editor, and her list of the “20 Most New Englandy Dishes.” Many readers wrote in to share their thoughts about what was worthy or missing on her list, and we loved reading their comments. Well, now I have another Imogene list for […]

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