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The Best Place to Get Pie in Every New England State

Craving a good slice of pie? Our picks for the best place to get pie in every New England state excel at all things double-crusted, cream-filled, and streusel-topped.

By Amy Traverso

Jun 21 2022


Two Fat Cats’ Wild Maine Blueberry Pie

Photo Credit : Christina Wnek Photography

Pie may be timeless, but it’s having a bit of a star turn lately. In this hunkered-down, comfort-food-craving era, we won’t settle for just any rich and carb-heavy grub. It’s all about fresh ingredients and a bit of craft, which is exactly what makes pie so appealing. Stuffed with seasonal fruit or piled high with custard, pie satisfies your sweet tooth with a touch of panache and a sprinkle of coziness. The following bakeries around New England excel at all things double-crusted, cream-filled, and streusel-topped, and some will even ship their goods to you, wherever you live. Read on for a list of the best place to get pie in every New England state. 

The Best Place to Get Pie in Every New England State

Best Pie in Connecticut: Michele’s Pies in Norwalk

Michele Stuart, a winner in Yankee’s 2020 Food Awards for her excellent blueberry pie, has also earned blue ribbons at the National Pie Championship for her apple, blackberry crumb, pumpkin, and chocolate pecan bourbon pies. We love her very buttery, very flaky crust; the just-sweet-enough fillings; and the sheer variety of her offerings. On any given day, you can place an order for more than two dozen sweet and savory pies, from apple caramel crumb to butterscotch pecan to Australian-style beef pie. Stuart learned to bake at her grandmother’s elbow, and her pies have a delightfully homespun, made-with-love feel.

Best Pie in Maine: Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland

Two Fat Cats was founded by the owners of another Portland superstar bakery, Standard Baking Co. But Stacy Begin and Matthew Holbrook took over the reins in 2012, continuing the bakery’s mission to make “elevated homey desserts,” which is to say, American classics that enjoy pride of place at dinner tables, birthday parties, and holiday feasts.

We visited the bakery to learn their secrets for perfect blueberry pie in a recent Weekends with Yankee episode (it truly might be the best blueberry pie in Maine). But we also love their sour cherry, lemon Shaker, chocolate cream, and bourbon pecan pies. Their all-butter crusts puff up enviably, and the fillings are perfectly balanced.

Best Pie in Massachusetts: Petsi Pies in Somerville

Like many great bakers, Renee McLeod, aka Petsi, has been making delicious things from sugar, butter, and flour since childhood. One favorite: her grandmother’s sweet potato pie, which is warmly spiced, sweetened with condensed milk, and very creamy. Salted caramel apple pie is the stuff of gourmet carnival-food dreams, and the chocolate bourbon pecan is heady, fudgy, and addictive. While you’re there, don’t miss the bacon, leek, and Gruyère quiche, or the sweet and savory scones. In 2021, Renee turned Petsi Pies over to operations manager Jill Remby, but don’t worry – both the name and the recipes are the same.

Best Pie in New Hampshire: Woodstock Pie & Coffee Company in North Woodstock

This cozy small-town café near Loon Mountain is a pie lover’s dream. One look at the carefully crimped crusts and frothy meringues and you know you’re in good hands. Since taking over in 2022, owner Josiah Lundin has continued founder Ann Saulnier’s dedication to taking the time for the extra flourishes that demonstrate hiis affection for his work. Ingredients like the pears in the early-fall blackberry pear ginger pie and the raspberries in the raspberry cheesecake oat bars are locally sourced. Terrific chicken potpies and hearty soups will keep you warm all winter long.

Best Pie in Rhode Island: Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown

When it comes to making great pie, it helps to be close to the source. So it’s no wonder that the pies at this 100-acre fruit, flower, pumpkin, and Christmas tree farm with its attached bakery/café/market are so exceptional. The apple, strawberry rhubarb, and blueberry pies are terrific, and the farm’s own homemade ice cream is the ultimate topper.

Best Pie in Vermont: Poorhouse Pies in Underhill

Poorhouse Pies got its name because in its early days, that’s where founders Jamie and Paula Eisenberg figured this venture would land them. But this extraordinary bakery in a remote Vermont town earned legions of fans, frawn to both the delicious goodness and the homespun busines model. Since 2021, keeping the pie shed stocked with sweet and savory pies has been the responsibility of Suzanne Tomlinson, who picked up right where her predecessors left off. The hardest part is choosing what to bring home. Luckily, there are no wrong answers. Trust us: They’re all excellent.

What’s your pick for the best place to get pie in New England? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was first published in 2020 and has been updated. 

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