New England Fly-Fishing | Favorite Spots from James Prosek

By Yankee Magazine

Jun 08 2017


New England Fly-Fishing | Favorite Spots

Photo Credit : Pixabay

On the 10th episode ofWeekends with Yankee, host Richard Wiese paid a visit to angler, artist, and author James Prosek for a lesson in New England fly-fishing on the Mill River in Easton, Connecticut. Prosek’s latest book, Ocean Fishes: Paintings of Saltwater Fish (Rizzoli, 2012), is a collection of paintings of 35 Atlantic fish, all of which he had painted at life size based on individual specimens he traveled to see.

We asked Prosek to share some of his favorite New England fly-fishing spots. Fly-fishing, for those who aren’t in the know, is an angling method that uses an artificial “fly” to catch fish. The use of hand-tied flies and a rod with a special weighted line requires a unique casting technique that takes a bit of practice. Fly-fishing can be done in both salt water and fresh water, with favorite species for the latter including trout, salmon, and bass. 

The New England fly-fishing season typically runs from January through October.

New England Fly Fishing | Favorite Spots
New England Fly-Fishing | Favorite Spots
Photo Credit : Pixabay



Forming the headwaters of the Androscoggin River, the Rangeley chain of lakes in western Maine is considered one of the best areas in the state to fish for salmon and brook trout. The latter are native to the area; the salmon were introduced later, and they continue to thrive.


The Ammonoosuc River in the White Mountains of northwestern New Hampshire stretches 55 miles long, flowing from the slopes of Mount Washington to the Connecticut River. The Ammonoosuc is especially known for its brook trout, with larger populations in the colder, faster sections of river farther north. The lower section is stocked by the state with brook, brown, and rainbow trout.


Prosek’s favorite place for fly-fishing is the Housatonic River in the northwestern corner of his home state of Connecticut. The river flows through Connecticut to Long Island Sound from the Massachusetts border; considered a top spot in the eastern United States for trout fly-fishing, it is best known for brown trout and rainbow trout fishing in two trout management areas (catch and release).  

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