Easy Pineapple Cheese Ball Appetizer

This easy pineapple cheese ball appetizer makes a great addition to any holiday party table. Its both classic and versatile.

By Aimee Tucker

May 01 2018

Pineapple Cheese Ball
Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker
Like deviled eggs, cheese balls are versatile can be flavored in limitless combinations depending on your choice of add-ins and seasonings. Cheese balls are also a snap to make, and can be prepared the night before, so they are ready when you are on party day, making them one of our favorite holiday party appetizers.
Easy Pineapple Cheese Ball Appetizer
This easy pineapple cheese ball appetizer is a holiday party favorite.
Cheese balls gained popularity alongside canapes, pigs in a blanket, and the aforementioned deviled eggs during the 1950’s, but it tuns out that cheese balls were making news in New England long before then. In 1801 the town of Cheshire in western Massachusetts caused a stir when it sent a 1235-pound ball of cheese to Washington, D.C. as a gift for the new President, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was popular with the mostly-farming communities in the western part of the state, but eastern residents of the Bay State weren’t pleased to hear about the “mammoth cheese” gift, since it was Massachusetts’ own John Adams that Jefferson had defeated. Today’s cheese balls clock in under two pounds, and are traditionally made with a mixture of softened cream cheese and shredded cheese, flavored with any combination of herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and even bacon. Once the cheese mixture has come together in the mixing bowl, it is patted into a ball shape using a rubber spatula, then tipped onto a plate or pie dish, where it is rolled in whatever will be the outside of the cheese ball. Nuts work well, as seen here:
Easy Pineapple Cheese Ball Appetizer
Roll the cheese ball in chopped nuts for a pleasant crunch.
Once coated, the cheese ball can be covered in plastic wrap and chilled until it’s time to serve. Arranged on a platter with crackers and a knife for spreading, cheese balls are a holiday party classic that we just can’t seem to shake.
Easy Pineapple Cheese Ball Appetizer
We like to serve our pineapple cheese ball appetizer with sturdy crackers.
Easy Pineapple Cheese Ball Appetizer
Easy and delicious!
Are you a fan of the cheese ball appetizer? This post was first published in 2011 and has been updated. 

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