5 Classic Christmas Stories from the Yankee Magazine Archives

New England is a special place to be during the Christmas season. Here are 5 favorite Christmas classics from the Yankee archives.

By Yankee Magazine

Oct 29 2018

Yankee Classic Christmas Stories

5 Classic Christmas Stories From the Yankee Magazine Archives

Toward the Light (1984)

As the days grow longer, the memories grow stronger. Remembrances of Christmas in New England from Judson D. Hale Sr., Yankee‘s longtime editor-in-chief.

A Visit to New Sweden, Maine (1991)

In New Sweden Maine, one of the last outposts of traditional Swedish culture, the darkest season begins with a celebration of light. Jim Collins tells the story of New Sweden as it celebrates St. Lucia’s Day.

The Man in the Red Flannel Suit (1992)

Being the town Santa is not all ho-ho-ho and Merry Christmas. A report from the other side of the beard by Donald Hall.

There’s an Angel in Rangeley (1993)

In the little Maine town 0f Rangeley, halfway to the North Pole, what started out as a tourist attraction has turned into a celebration of generosity. The story of Rangeley’s Giving Tree from Suki Casanave.

A Blue-and-White Christmas (2015)

What if your faith doesn’t include Christmas as a celebration? Naomi Shulman ponders a blue-and-white Christmas in a touching essay.