Dear Yankee | January/February 2021

Readers respond to their favorite Yankee magazine articles.

By Yankee Magazine

Dec 03 2020


Rock Fan

I enjoyed reading “The 85 Best Things To Do” in your September/October issue. However, I disagree with your comment in No. 24 that Plymouth Rock is “underwhelming.” It’s not the size of the rock that matters; it’s what it stands for. Plymouth Rock is a symbol of one of the most important events in our nation’s history. I remember the first time I looked down at Plymouth Rock. I was impressed and actually had a lump in my throat. And then one of my clueless fellow Americans standing next to me shouted out, “Is that all there is?” Talk about breaking a spell.

Ray Vassil Bridgewater, Massachusetts

Lasting Values

Regarding your article “Do the Pilgrims Still Matter?” by Justin Shatwell [November/December]: As a member of the Mayflower Society and a 12th descendant of John Alden, I have to say that some of the beliefs of that time are not like mine—specifically gender issues—but I was moved when I carefully read the covenant signed by the men to found their community before they left the ship. It contained the spirit and ideas that founded our country: freedom from religious persecution and the right to self-govern. Even though it was a profoundly simple document, it still has great meaning today.

We can not apply our standards and interpretations strictly to that time, but we can still be informed by the spirit of what they accomplished and be awed, and grateful, for their bravery and resolve.

Marsha Donahue Millinocket, Maine

Happy Meals

For many years my husband and I have made a September trip from our home in New Jersey to spend several days in Maine, eating our fill of fried clams and lobster. This year, because of Covid-19, we chose to forgo our annual adventure.

Then, thanks to your article about Lobster Landing in Connecticut [“Local Flavor,” July/August], we decided to take a day trip and headed out for a lobster roll lunch (albeit a two-hour-plus ride each way). We are so happy that we did. We didn’t get to see owner Enea Bacci, but we certainly enjoyed our lobster rolls, dripping with butter and atmosphere.

After lunch, we discovered nearby Hammonasset Beach State Park, a beautifully maintained and well-equipped facility. We were only sorry we hadn’t brought our beach chairs, but the water, sand, and sun were the perfect ending to a delightful lunch. Thanks for your great suggestion.

Mary Margaret Carter Oradell, New Jersey

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