Dear Yankee | January/February 2022

Readers respond to their favorite Yankee magazine articles.

By Yankee Editors

Jan 03 2022


Uplifting “Voices”

I have subscribed to Yankee for years and am a native New Englander: born in Portland, Maine; my father from Waterville and his dad an Irish immigrant who worked for the Maine Central Railroad; my mother from Monson with parents from Finland. I grew up in Keene, New Hampshire, and was ordained there.

I was deeply moved by “Their Voices Carry Far” [November/December]. This story revealed the beautiful way that hope and peace can be shared through music from the voices of young people—sisters connecting with each other as they “heal the wounds of their pasts.” Thank you, Yankee, for sharing this touching journey of immigrant young women and a wonderful director and founder, Con Fullam.

Rev. Dr. Patrick Larracey Plainville, Indiana

Take Two

I was disappointed to see Amanda Gorman’s name written “Amanda Gordon” in the interview with Jill Lepore in the latest issue of Yankee [“Conversations,” November/December]. For all that she has overcome and all that she has achieved, it is truly a disservice to her to have overlooked this error.

Karen Prazar Via email

Dear Karen: We regret and apologize for this typo, which was caused by a transcription error and has since been corrected in the online version of the article. It is in no way a reflection on the achievements of the nation’s youngest inaugural poet, whose name appears again—spelled correctly—in this issue as part of our conversation with poet Richard Blanco [p. 88]. —The Editors

A Doctor’s Legacy

I must tell you how much I enjoyed reading “Living with Ghosts” by Oliver Broudy [September/October]. I eventually guessed Mr. Broudy bought his home from Dr. Thomas Plaut, whose One-Minute Asthma booklet helped this nurse teach, and parents learn from, all the important asthma basics and so much more. It’s written in elementary-school-level language to appeal to a broad variety of readers. I’d always offer up a silent thanks to Dr. Plaut when a parent told me they really “got it”—and felt confident understanding asthma and using prescribed meds—after they were provided with his invaluable little booklet. I never knew Dr. Plaut’s background or that he lived in Massachusetts until his passing. May his memory be for a blessing.

Audrey Martino RN, Ped-BC, CCM North Andover, Massachusetts

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