5 Houseplants That Bring Good Luck

If you’re going to get or give a houseplant, it might as well bring luck, love, and prosperity. Here are 5 houseplants that bring good luck.

By Shelley Wigglesworth

Dec 22 2021


Lucky Bamboo

Photo Credit : Dreamstime
Are you looking for a few new plants to perk up your home, office, or garden this new year? Why not add those that are said to bring good luck, happiness, love, and even prosperity? Here are five top picks for houseplants that bring good luck.

5 Houseplants That Bring Good Luck


Feng shui dictates that each arrangement of bamboo stalks in vases of water (with stones to anchor) has a specific meaning. For happiness, longevity and wealth — 3 stalks. For wealth — 5 stalks. Good Luck — 6 stalks. 7 stalks for health, 8 for growth, and 10 for completions. A large arrangement of 21 stalks is believed to bring blessings of enduring health and great wealth.

Money Tree

The money tree is another plant used in feng shui and is believed to bring good luck and wealth. Money trees are often braided together when the plants are young and tender. It is said that 3-5 five braided plants are needed for the best results. Avoid having four money tree plants in one home as this is said to be unlucky.

Hawaiian Ti

Early Polynesians believed the Ti plant had mystical powers. Ti plants come in a variety of colors, ranging from greens to pink, burgundy and fuchsia. When grown in the home, these plants are said to bring good fortune to all residing there. If Ti plants are grown with two stalks in one pot, luck and love is said to be doubled.
Jade plants
Jade plants are thought to bring good luck.
Photo Credit : Pixabay


Jade plants can live for decades in the right conditions. In fact, jade can grow into small trees when given time in the right environment. There are a few different varieties of jade plants, all of which are said to bring good luck, therefore jades are often given to new business owners as gifts. When placed near the entrance of the home or office, it is thought to welcome prosperity and success inside.


According to Irish folklore, the shamrock plant is lucky. Available in abundance around St. Patrick’s Day, the cultivated commercialized version has a deep purple hue and its leaves are larger and more square in shape than the traditional lucky 4-leaf clover it is associated with. Do you know of any other houseplants that bring good luck? Let us know in the comments! This post was first published in 2016 and has been updated. 

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