Best Sun-Loving Houseplants | 5 Windowsill Choices

Windowsills receiving full-light provide are perfect for sun-loving houseplants. Here are 5 varieties to spruce up your sunny sills.

By Shelley Wigglesworth

Apr 12 2022

sun-loving houstplants geraniums

Sun-Loving Houseplants | Geraniums

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Windowsills receiving full light exposure provide an optimum environment for sun-loving houseplants. With just a bit of effort, your healthy houseplants will add a pop of color that can be viewed and enjoyed from both sides of the window.
windowsill geraniums sun-loving houseplants
Sun-Loving Houseplants | Geraniums
Photo Credit : Dreamstime
Turn the plants’ pots every week or so to adequately expose all sides of the houseplants to the outside sun for even growing patterns. And to protect the sill and floor below from water damage, be sure to use pots with a saucer to collect water at the base. To increase use of the window space, try hanging sun-loving houseplants in windows from a hook as well.

5 Sun-Loving Houseplants


Succulent plants require lots of light and very little water. A misting once a week is usually enough for these drought-tolerant plants to flourish. Succulents are unique because of their unusual shapes, sizes and colors. They grow well grouped together in container gardens, but a single succulent in its own pot can make a statement as well. For best results, plant succulents in semi-sandy soil and in a pot that matches the size of the plant—they should fill the pot but not look crowded. See More: Succulent Care and Display Tips
Sun-Loving Houseplants
Succulents | Sun-Loving Houseplants
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All varieties of cactus thrive in windows that receive full sun during the day. In the right conditions, some, such as the Christmas cactus, can flower more than once a year. There are many varieties of cactus to choose from, coming in all shapes and sizes. A grouping of cactutes will feel right at home when showcased on a sunny windowsill. Cactus need very little watering and sandy soil.


Virtually all varieties of geraniums are sun lovers. When it comes to houseplants, there are a variety of indoor geraniums available. The Martha Washington variety is more delicate in appearance and has several flower color choices to choose from. But don’t overlook bringing traditional porch geraniums inside at the end of the season, as they should do just as well indoors. [text_ad] See More: Flowering Houseplants | 5 Favorite Varieties

Umbrella Plants

A leafy deep green plant with stems that are capped by slender petals that hang in the shape of an umbrella, this plant is a sunny window favorite. Keep the soil moist by watering weekly, but don’t allow the roots to sit in water.


With its colorful foliage, crotons are a good pick for a sunny winter at the front of the house. This plant has large, heavy leaves, usually with lines and patterns on the top. The leaves start out green with yellow and can show hues of pink, orange and reds, but will change color as it matures and is exposed to the direct sun. Soil should be kept moist, but never wet. Which sun-loving houseplants are your favorites? This post was first published in 2016 and has been updated.

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