The Place to Be in Brunswick, Maine | House For Sale

Next to the old Pennellville shipyard the recently renovated Knox Farmstead in New Brunswick, Maine, is now ready for new owners.

By Yankee Magazine

Jan 02 2018


Among the highlights of the Schafers’ property are: six-plus acres with a pair of ponds; a two-story barn; and a well-appointed modern kitchen that’s a home chef’s dream.

Photo Credit : Peter G. Morneau

Picture yourself relaxing in a rocking chair as you gaze out across an immense elevated fieldstone patio with sunken hot tub and fire pit, a pond beyond (one of two on this property), and on out to acres of meadows and pastures. In the far distance, near a line of trees, you can make out more than 30 grazing cows; in another direction, you see sheep. A flock of geese have landed nearby, some in the pond. Over there, near another tree line, are a dozen turkeys. Sound like a nice place to be?

Saying they’re looking forward to “a new adventure,” Susan and Scott Schafer are bidding farewell to their home of nearly two decades.
Photo Credit : Peter G. Morneau
Among the highlights of the Schafers’ property are: six-plus acres with a pair of ponds; a two-story barn; and a well-appointed modern kitchen that’s a home chef’s dream.
Among the highlights of the Schafers’ property: six-plus acres with a pair of ponds.
Photo Credit : Peter G. Morneau

It was a little chilly the day we moseyed on up to Brunswick, Maine, to visit with Scott and Susan Schafer at their gorgeous home in the historic Pennellville neighborhood. So we admired that view through the windows of their dining room and kitchen as we enjoyed a hot cup of tea. Scott, a cardiologist at the local hospital, occasionally spoke into an electronic gizmo on his belt. Obviously, although visiting with us, he was also on duty.

The Schafers have been living in this house, known in the town histories as the Knox Farmstead, for the past 18 years, being the fifth owners since 1887 (or maybe earlier—the records are a bit unclear). During that time, they renovated every room and created a gorgeous series of gardens around the house, barn, garage, and ponds. They also raised their now-grown sons, Colin and Dillon, who were planning to be back with them for the holidays this year. No doubt the boys continued a family tradition, too: surfing with Dad out at nearby Scarborough Beach or Higgins Beach, as Scott has been an enthusiastic surfer and swimmer, summer or winter, all his life. He and the boys, along with friends, also likely will play hockey this winter on one of the ponds next to the house. We expect, too, that they’ll drag their canoes and kayaks (on wheels) down to Middle Bay, which is just a few minutes’ walk from the house.

The well-appointed modern kitchen.
Photo Credit : Peter G. Morneau

However, with the boys now living on their own, it’s time to plan “a new adventure,” as Susan put it—thus the Schafers’ recent decision to sell and settle elsewhere in something a little smaller. In other words, they’re ready for the usual empty-nester transition that so many couples their age eventually face. (“But we’ll still be in Maine!” Susan emphasized to us.) So, with 6.6 acres, a two-story barn, two garages, and the completely renovated four-plus-bedroom house (with three and a half bathrooms and several handsome stone fireplaces), they’re asking $1,375,000. In our opinion, the property is certainly worth it—especially considering the abutting 130 acres of conservation land. Those surrounding pastures will never give way to a housing development, ever!

After a second cup of tea, we toured the property with Scott and Susan. Every room is practically a showpiece. We loved the library, with its period fieldstone fireplace and mahogany bookcases. And the kitchen is gorgeous—it includes stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, a huge center island, and, well, it’s the nuts. We were particularly fascinated with the framed family photos along one of the upstairs walls. They show all of the Schafers skiing, surfing, mountain climbing, scuba diving, and so forth; we spotted a few taken in Spain, a few others in Africa.

At one point, Susan opened a door at the far end of the second floor, and we walked out onto a balcony overlooking the cavernous interior of the barn. It was quite a sight, with massive old wooden beams seemingly everywhere at different angles and heights. To us it looked a bit like a gigantic modern painting. As to the size of the floor space, let’s just say the boys and their friends played basketball here.

The two-story barn turned basketball court.
Photo Credit : Peter G. Morneau

Before taking our leave, we simply had to—despite the cold air that day—drink in the beautiful view again, but this time from one of those rocking chairs on the porch. And you know what? We discovered we probably would have been happy sitting out there until … well, maybe until those distant cows came home. 

For more details, contact Ed Gardner ofOcean Gate Realty at 207-773-1919.

Yankee likes to mosey around and see, out of editorial curiosity, what you can turn up when you go house hunting. We have no stake in the sale whatsoever and would decline it if offered.