Dear Yankee | November/December 2021

Readers respond to their favorite Yankee magazine articles.

By Yankee Magazine

Oct 28 2021


High Point

I just finished reading Ian Aldrich and Corey Hendrickson’s “One Day in October” [September/October]. Our family climbs Mount Monadnock every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The rule used to be you had to be 5 years old to climb, but that was forgotten when younger grandchildren would not be denied the thrill of standing atop the rocky vista. We have climbed in rain, sleet, snow (up to two feet), and an occasional clear and crisp day. In 2016, at age 69, I climbed the mountain five days before a total knee replacement to stand with my oldest granddaughter and my youngest grandson atop Monadnock. We have climbed with as few as five and as many as 18.

Thoroughly enjoyed the article, and we are looking forward to November 26!

John Allen Scituate, Massachusetts

Looks of Love

My husband, Paul, and I giggled when we read your “I see the bridge!” story [“The Bridges of Barnstable County,” July/August]. For many, many years while traveling to Wellfleet, Massachusetts, we played “I see the bridge!” with our four kids. First one to see the bridge got a prize: a kiss from everyone (including the dogs). Now we’re in our 80s and still playing “I see the bridge!”… he always wins!

Mary Flanagan Westford, Massachusetts

Unpacking It All

I enjoyed “The Storage Shed” and realized that for me, the July/August issue of Yankee itself was a mini version of Mel Allen’s box of mementoes about his father. I read the article on Julia Child and recalled being surprised in my teenage years that my dad would be glued to the TV for every one of her programs on public television, even though he never cooked one thing in our kitchen in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Then, the piece on the Barnstable County bridges took me back 60 years to Dad in our used Chevy, trying to keep the radiator going just long enough to make it over the Sagamore Bridge for family outings.

My father has passed on now, but my New England roots are watered every time I open Yankee.

Kathleen Braden Seattle, Washington

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Holiday Crop

“Holiday Crop”
Photo Credit : Illustration by D.A.W.

To guard against the winter drear, We watch as gardens far and near Get planted with electric deer And plastic Santas at the rear.