5 New England B&Bs You Don’t Want To Miss

Don’t miss this enchanting look at some of our favorite places to stay in New England

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Don’t miss this enchanting look at some of our favorite places to stay in New England

When you need a few days to get away and relax, a small, old-fashioned bed-and-breakfast is a breath of fresh air. The best of them are almost a secret, whispered among friends and those “in the know.” With limited capacity, the focus shifts to making the experience the best possible for each and every guest. You can find wonderful B&Bs all over New England, and when you want a custom-cooked breakfast, personalized local advice, and good conversation (or privacy), you won’t regret giving these a try, starting with a three-room establishment built in 1793. In New Hampshire’s Upper Valley, snug against a forest backdrop, you’ll find an early-American treasure with white paint, a wide porch, and a pair of loyal Vizsla dogs ready to greet you. The interior is equally charming, with antique-furnished guest rooms, wide-plank floors, and private baths. You may need some luck trying to decide among the breakfast options, though. Shirred eggs and stuffed pears, or tender scones and pumpkin bread? They’re all good, but don’t miss the afternoon tea in front of the glowing hearth; it’s simply magical in the depths of winter. Head down to one of our favorite B&Bs in Connecticut and you can find a similarly magical omelet, rich with caramelized onions, shiitake mushrooms, and gorgonzola. We’ll be thinking about that breakfast for years. But make sure you look up from breakfast. The scenery from the picture windows is a dramatic display of swooping cormorants, mesmerizing lighting effects, and fiery sunsets. You won’t get that just anywhere! You also won’t get handmade quilts on your bed just anywhere, but you will at a small B&B in Maine. That’s just one of the perks of this mid-19th-century spot. You can get a great view of the Androscoggin River from two of the guestrooms, and the third has a toasty gas fireplace. It’s the sweet-and-savory breakfasts that have us planning to go back, though. Double-chocolate-chip muffins, anyone?

Ready for a memorable vacation and a luxurious breakfast? Learn where you can find each one of these inviting spots, in New England’s Coziest B&Bs.

close up chrome faucet shower bath tub room  interior design Another of our favorite B&Bs sits just a few minutes’ walk from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. But the real beauty of this c. 1862 Greek Revival home is the winter sunlight warming the living room as it pours through the windows. With just three spacious rooms, including private baths, this B&B enfolds its guests in comfort and contemporary style after a day of exploring coastal villages. Of course, the pineapple upside-down French toast really is reason enough to stay here. Three rooms or two, all the B&Bs on our list have private baths. Except for one. Sharing a bathroom in a B&B with three guest rooms might not sound very relaxing, until you find out what the owners of this 1910 home did. First, they made the bathroom perfect, with a soaking tub and heat lamp. Then they instituted a unique policy: Whether you book one, two, or all three of the soothingly appointed rooms, the entire B&B is yours exclusively. In essence they took the private bath concept and turned it into something even better – your own private B&B!

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