Most Interesting Homes in New England

Join Yankee as we visit the inspiring location of a classic childhood story and walk the same paths as some of our most beloved characters.

E.B. White Farmhouse
©Yankee Magazine/Mark Fleming

Join us as we take a pictorial journey into some of the most fascinating historical homes in New England.

The swing still hangs by the barn doorway, and there may or may not be a spider spinning her web in the darker corners of the rafters in one of our favorite, and famous, historic homes in New England. The house at Allen Cove, a small inlet in Blue Hill Bay, sparkles in the sunlight. There are gardens of flowers so beautiful that the eye goes to them even before settling on the sturdy white clapboard farmhouse that has stood there for more than 200 years. E.B. White wrote some of the most enduring words in American literature while living on this 40-acre-plus saltwater farm in Maine. For the past three decades, the Gallant family have made it their own. “I’m sure you want to do the Charlotte’s Web thing,” Mary Gallant says, and quickly ushers Yankee editor Mel Allen to the barn and sheds that once housed the Whites’ hay, sheep, geese, chickens, pigs and (of course) spiders, and probably a rat or two. The barn itself also provided the setting for one of the most beloved children’s books of all time.
E.B. White House
The interior of the barn, looking out to the fields. Hanging in the doorway is the rope swing made famous in E.B. White’s 1952 children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web.
Photo Credit : Mark Fleming
There is that rope swing, immortalized in Charlotte’s Web as the one from which Fern and her brother launched themselves from the loft. “Here’s where Wilbur’s trough would have been”, Mary says, and “right here”—she points—“is the hole where I tell children Templeton the rat would scurry back and forth.”

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Salem Historic Buildings
Historic buildings along the Salem Maritime National Historic site includes the Custom House at center.
Photo Credit : Mark Fleming