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humpty dumpty chips

Humpty Dumpty Chips | Maine’s Potato Chip

A Maine favorite since 1947, Humpty Dumpty chips are a regional snack favorite with unique flavors like Sour Cream & Clam and All Dressed.

New Hampshire

Iconic New Hampshire | Photographs

For the past few years, Yankee Magazine‘s editors have been snapping photos throughout New England.  Here we present a sampling of their most iconic New Hampshire shots. Historic Meetinghouses Learn more about New England Meetinghouses. Explore the historic village of Amherst, New Hampshire. Historic Inns Explore the historic village of Hancock, New Hampshire. Scenic Mill Towns Learn about historic […]

Yankee Magazine

Best Shops for Crafters | The Best in New England

Sparking the desire to create is what Debra Immergut and Nicole Blum love to do. In their book, Improv Sewing, and blog, Improv Diary, the two friends and colleagues from Massachusetts encourage even avowed “I’m not crafty” types to get in touch with their inner makers. Here, they share their picks for the best shops […]

Spring Cleaning
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Spring Cleaning Products: New England’s Finest

1. Clean everything from woodwork to bathroom tile to rugs with Liquid Sunshine NonToxic Cleaner ($14.98 38oz concentrate, $7.98 16oz spray). Vermont Soap Organics Middlebury, VT 802-388-4302 2. When your yoga mat gets yucky, the essential oils in Lunaroma’s Yoga Mat Cleanser ($5.75) and Yoga Mat Refresh Mist ($15) tackle nasty microbes. Lunaroma, Burlington, […]