Revisiting the Goldenrod Salt Water Taffy Flavors

A colorful box of taffy is a summer vacation tradition. Learn more about the salt water taffy flavors from the Goldenrod in York, Maine.

By Aimee Tucker

Jul 05 2018


We rated the Goldenrod salt water taffy flavors.

Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker
The coast of southern Maine is a popular summer vacation destination, and one of its greatest sugary offerings is a box of salt water taffy from the Goldenrod in York. If you haven’t visited in a while, here’s a reminder of the classic salt water taffy flavors for which the Goldenrod is known.
The Goldenrod in York, Maine, is famous for its "Goldenrod Kisses" salt water taffy.
The Goldenrod in York, Maine, is famous for its Goldenrod Kisses salt water taffy.
Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker
But first, a quick history of the Goldenrod restaurant, soda fountain, and candy store. Established in the heart of Short Sands Beach in York in 1896, it’s been making summer vacations extra-sweet for generations. The taffy was originally pulled, cut, and wrapped by hand, but the process got a mechanized makeover sometime in the middle of the 20th century. Located behind the large glass front windows, the vintage pulling and cutting machines are a popular tourist attraction in their own right. Both kids and adults line up to watch the machines pull the taffy into perfect ropes, cut bite-sized pieces (the Goldenrod calls them “kisses”), and neatly wrap them in white or yellow paper. [text_ad]
We rated the Goldenrod salt water taffy flavors.
Each of the classic Goldenrod flavors is somebody’s favorite. Even the licorice…
Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker






Maple walnut





Molasses peppermint


Peanut butter

Trying all the salt water taffy flavors in the box is no easy feat.
Trying all the salt water taffy flavors in the box is no easy feat.
Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker
My favorite Goldenrod salt water taffy flavors? Molasses peppermint, maple walnut, and peanut butter. You can tell a peanut butter kiss by just quick sniff of the wrapper. Its aroma is stronger than that of the other salt water taffy flavors, thanks to a concentrated peanut butter center that provides the perfect extra hit of salty peanut butter goodness. My least favorite? Honestly, it’s the licorice. I just can’t get on board with any black licorice candy — but I know that some of you must like it, so I grudgingly accept its place in my boxed assortment. I should also note that the Goldenrod frequently features special seasonal flavors like root beer float, coconut, and clove.
The Goldenrod peanut butter salt water taffy was the clear winner in this peanut butter-loving group.
The Goldenrod peanut butter salt water taffy, with its peanut butter center.
Photo Credit : Aimee Tucker
Craving Goldenrod taffy right about now? There’s still plenty of time to plan a visit for this summer (the Goldenrod makes taffy from May through October), or hop online and order a box for home delivery. Have you ever been to the Goldenrod? Which salt water taffy flavors are your favorite? This post was first published in 2017 and has been updated. 

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