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Best Places to See Bald Eagles in New England

It’s easiest to spot bald eagles in winter, but keen eyes can find them year-round. Here are some of the best places to see bald eagles in New England.

By Sean McGlynn

Jun 01 2022


Eagle nest on the Connecticut River in Vermont.

Photo Credit : Butch Lombardi/East Bay Images
Bald eagles may occasionally be spotted in the summer, but most sightings occur during the winter months, when they’re particularly active on cold, breezy days. Eagles may often be seen perched atop dead trees or circling around carrion, such as the carcass of a waterfowl or deer that got stuck in the ice. Note that most bald eagles don’t attain the iconic white head and tail feathers until their fourth or fifth year. Here, we list some of the best places to see bald eagles in New England. Learn more about bald eagles in New England: Bald Eagles | Back Among Us
Best Places to See Bald Eagles in New England
Best Places to See Bald Eagles in New England
Photo Credit : Dreamstime

Best Place to See Bald Eagles in Connecticut

Lower Connecticut River

In winter dozens of bald eagles congregate along the lower Connecticut River. Connecticut Audubon organizes guided tours three days a week. For reservations and more information, visit

Best Places to See Bald Eagles in Maine

Augusta & Bath Landfills

Not the most picturesque setting, but dozens of eagles may be spotted circling over the feeding gulls in the winter as they look for weak or injured birds to bring back to their nests.

Cadillac Mountain

Eagles soar above the magnificent backdrop of Bar Harbor and Frenchman Bay. The summit is easily accessible by auto road, and in the fall you’ll find many fellow birders identifying and tallying eagles and other raptors who call Acadia National Park home.

Bradbury Mountain State Park

In Pownal, the mountain’s 485-foot summit offers sweeping views of Casco Bay. Eagles are frequently spotted during springtime as they soar overhead in search of summer nesting locations farther north.

Best Place to See Bald Eagles in Massachusetts

Quabbin Reservoir

This 39-square-mile body of water offers great vantage points, such as Winsor Dam, Goodnough Dike, and Enfield Lookout, easily accessible by car. After a short walk, Gate 43 in Hardwick will get you closer to the eagles. Maps and more information are available at the Quabbin Visitor Center in Ware.

Best Place to See Bald Eagles in New Hampshire

Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge

Look for one of the four nesting pairs of eagles that call this refuge in Maine and New Hampshire home while paddling around a pristine seven-mile wilderness lake. Even if you don’t spot an eagle, chances are you’ll see moose, ospreys, and loons.

Best Place to See Bald Eagles in Rhode Island

Scituate Reservoir

Home to the state’s first recorded bald eagle nest, the birds may still often be seen from Route 116, about 1.3 miles south of Route 6 in at this reservoir in North Scituate.

Best Place to See Bald Eagles in Vermont

Wilder Dam

Dams along the Connecticut River are great places to spot bald eagles in the Green Mountain State. Wilder Dam, located between Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Hartford, Vermont, offers regular sightings — especially in winter, when the dam keeps the water below from icing over, letting the eagles fish the river. In your opinion, where are the best places to see bald eagles in New England? Let us know in the comments! This post was first published in 2015 and has been updated.

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