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Dear Yankee | September/October 2018

Readers respond to their favorite Yankee Magazine articles.

By Yankee Magazine

Aug 13 2018


With Gratitude

I write with tears in my eyes, having just finished Geoffrey Douglass’s exquisite article about his late stepson [“Searching for Alexander,” July/August]. What an extraordinary young man he was. It was brave of Geoffrey and his family to share their story, and I am so grateful they did. The gentleness and unconditional love they had for Alexander, so vivid in Geoffrey’s telling, is a reminder that we cannot control the outcome of our loved ones’ lives, but we can walk beside them and be sure they know they are loved and not alone.

Marjorie Matthews Hanover, New Hampshire

Editors’ note: “Searching for Alexander” proved to be a keenly moving article for so many readers that we’ve posted additional letters with the online version of the story, at

Fresh Reminder

Your article about the Tuttle family farm [“Corn Season,” July/August] brought back cherished memories. Our local farmer, Warren, lived less than a mile away from us in New Milford, Connecticut, but he would not pick corn until we phoned him to tell him we were on the way to pick it up. And when we pulled into the dirt driveway, he would appear in his not-so-clean overalls and first ask if we had put the water on to boil before we left the house. Anyone who hadn’t would get a lecture about the importance of cooking corn within minutes of picking. There was no better taste, and the best of today’s corn is a weak comparison.

Sally Rinehart Keene, New Hampshire

Mail Cull

As a longtime Yankee subscriber, I savor every issue and have saved several (or parts of several) in files I keep for “Places I Want to Visit,” “Gift Ideas,” and “Inspiration/Interesting People.”

I recently decided that it was time to cut down on the 18 (yes, 18!) magazine subscriptions that I had delivered to our home; I had to pick four and let the others go. These are the ones that made the cut: Mother Earth News, Real Simple, Food Network, and Yankee. An eclectic bunch to be sure, but all of them have one common thread: I smile every single time I see them in my mailbox.

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful publication time and time again. As a former freelance journalist, I know better than most readers the challenges you face, yet in spite of them Yankee continues to rise to the occasion.

Lori Joyal Sudbury, Massachusetts

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