“Weekends with Yankee” Episode 606: The Enthusiasts

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In this episode of Weekends with Yankee, co-host Richard Wiese is in Harrisville, New Hampshire, to see firsthand why border collies are known as the world’s smartest dogs. He meets master shepherd David Kennard of Wellscroft Farm, who has been training his 5-month-old border collie pup, Emma, for a big day. Along with two of his veteran border collies, Dave takes Emma for her first-time herding sheep down an open road; with just a series of commands, Dave and his dogs move about 60 sheep down the road to fresh pasture. Next, co-host Amy Traverso is in her hometown of Brookline, Massachusetts, to explore the preservation and expansion of the Jewish deli tradition that’s taking place in her own backyard. With Amy as our guide, we learn about the heyday, decline, and present revival of the area’s Jewish delis, and see how two delis are cooking, smoking, and slicing up a storm to keep this beloved American institution alive. Finally, we visit Somerville, Massachusetts, where the What the Fluff? Festival celebrates a tasty icon of many New Englanders’ childhoods: Marshmallow Fluff. Then we head to the Durkee-Mower factory in Lynn, Massachusetts, to see how the sweet spreadable confection has been made using the same recipe for the past century.
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