Carol Cambo

New Hampshire Fall Color (user submitted)
Yankee Magazine

Best 5 Fall Camping Spots

We asked Carol Cambo, co-author of New England Camping (Avalon; $21.95), to choose the five best fall camping spots to pitch your tent or park your RV during the height of New England autumn color. Little Moose Management Unit Greenville Junction, ME Backcountry hikers in the mood to rough it may choose from a handful […]

Yankee Magazine

Family Camping: Lakeside in Vermont

My niece Emma is learning how to fly-fish. Her 8-year-old body sways against a summer sky. Her arms memorize the to-and-fro of the cast, the feel of fishing line gliding across her palm as she launches it skyward. Nearby, adventure guide Josh Hardt watches his pupils–Emma and her father, Paul. After an hour’s tutorial, they’re […]

Linda Gilbert
Yankee Magazine

Charlotte, VT: Linda Gilbert & Friends

Smiling out from photos, the children of Tela, Honduras, win hearts with their wide eyes and toothy grins. It’s the kids, says Linda Gilbert (who has six grandchildren of her own) who continue to inspire Hands to Honduras-Tela (H2HT), based in Charlotte and Shelburne, Vermont. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the Western […]

Deborah Descenza
Yankee Magazine

Hillsborough, NH: Deborah DeScenza

Andrew Gray was born with a rare metabolic disorder; he’s considered developmentally disabled and autistic. He has no understanding of dangers in the environment, so would think nothing of walking in front of a moving car or playing with a piece of broken glass. “He might wrap his arms around a perfect stranger, swipe a […]

Brenden Gobell
Yankee Magazine

Avon, CT: Brenden Gobell

Brenden Gobell is a foodie. He likes real blueberry pancakes, bacon-wrapped scallops, and sushi. He also knows hunger. As a wrestler for Avon High School, he would cut weight before a match, sometimes reducing calories drastically for several days. “You move beyond hunger,” he says. “And then you’re just dying of thirst.” But on the […]

Pauline Alighieri
Yankee Magazine

Norwood, MA: Pauline Alighieri

Mel Simmons never cared much for pink. Still, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, she embraced the color’s symbolism: solidarity and support in the face of a disease that kills 40,000 women a year. During her battle, Mel spoke publicly, raised money, and somehow managed to keep her sense of humor. She […]

Pauline Alighieri
Yankee Magazine

Angels Among Us: 2008

These four New Englanders are making a difference, one life at a time. Pauline Alighieri remembers a friend in Massachusetts with a foundation that funds cancer research, Friends of Mel, Brenden Gobell is a teen angel who volunteers with his family at a homeless shelter in Connecticut, South Park Inn, Deborah Descenza brings […]

Dave and John
Yankee Magazine

Pizza Recipes for Grown-Ups

When Sonya Speranza was 7 years old, she took her first trip in an airplane. She traveled all the way from Hartford, Connecticut, to the village of Pescara, Italy, to meet her relatives and to see the place where her mother had grown up. In the backyard of the family home stood a rustic wood-fire […]

Yankee Magazine

Angels Among Us Change People’s Lives

These four New Englanders make a difference by changing lives, within the region and farther afield. At the holiday season, Yankee shares the stories of these people we call “angels among us.” Annie Card of Peterborough, NH, helps victims of Hurricane Katrina. Jim “Catfish” Gillen of Providence, RI, plays music with recovering addicts. Cari Clement […]

Rajiv Kumar
Yankee Magazine

Providence, RI: Rajiv Kumar

Rajiv Kumar Chairman, Adopt a Doctor Providence, Rhode Island When 24-year-old Rajiv Kumar shares his memories of Mali, his eyes light up and his hands fly: the locals’ joyous spirit, the amazing music, feeling safe in the village, being treated like family. This West African nation is one of the world’s poorest countries, ravaged by […]

robert chambers
Yankee Magazine

Lebanon, NH: Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers President, Bonnie CLAC Lebanon, New Hampshire Robert Chambers was a used-car salesman when he witnessed colleagues high-fiving over a big bonus, money made at the expense of a low-income single mother. “The car was completely wrong for her, something she couldn’t afford,” recalls Robert. The industry preys on poor women, he notes. “After […]

Dottie and Gwen
Yankee Magazine

Guilford, CT: Gwen Fletcher and Dottie Volosin

Gwen Fletcher and Dottie Volosin Volunteers, Charlie’s Closet Guilford, Connecticut Tours of historic Guilford usually take in the town’s numerous antique buildings. Gwen Fletcher and Dottie Volosin give a different kind of tour, a narrated medical life of their town: “A young man in that Cape cares for his mother and needed a hospital bed… […]

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