Catherine Riedel

Dedham Pottery
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Dedham Pottery | The Natural Look

Inspired by the flora and fauna around us, Dedham Pottery designs are imaginative and distinctive.

Framed Silhouette
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Silhouettes | Antiques & Collectibles

As a fashion statement, the chic and classic all-black look has been around for a long time; it predates Coco Chanel and Johnny Cash and transcends mere clothing styles. Universal in its appeal, black has been used throughout the ages to symbolize eternity, solemnity, elegance, and formality. A light-absorbing mass, black masks imperfections and swallows […]

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Make-Dos | Antiques & Collectibles

One generation’s recycling is another’s treasure. My dad wasn’t the world’s first recycler, just an early adopter of the concept. He believed in “reduce, reuse, recycle” when that idea was about as fashionable as wearing white socks with sandals. His thinking goes like this: Why use a bucket to bail out your boat when an […]

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Antiques: Folk Artist Peter Hunt

Lately I’ve taken to wearing a curious adornment: my husband’s high-school ID bracelet, given to him by an apple-cheeked girlfriend more than 30 years ago. Clunky and ill-fitting, it’s etched with the name MIKE and inscribed on the reverse LOVE, MURIEL. For all its adolescent awkwardness, I love the look and feel of it. “Why […]

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Waltham Pocket Watches | Antiques & Collectibles

If you ask someone for the time these days, you’ll likely find that instead of checking his wrist, he reaches into a pocket and flips open his cell phone. The gesture seems thoroughly modern, but it’s actually nostalgic. Because more than 100 years ago, before the wristwatch was ever invented, time and its keeper were […]

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Bacon & Day Banjo | Antiques & Collectibles

For me, listening to music is a live-out-loud experience. That’s why my iPod often sits idle, gathering dust and losing its charge. I usually forgo its technical isolation, preferring instead to turn the knob, sink into a chair, and assume the full weight of music with my whole being. At times it pours out heavy […]

pedestal table
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Heywood-Wakefield Furniture | Antiques

In the 1930s, furniture from Heywood-Wakefield gave American homes a bright, fresh look. Today, you can find Heywood-Wakefield pieces at flea markets, thrift stores, consignment shops, and auctions—and they’re priced to sell. Sometimes I fear that modern-day Americans are like hothouse flowers: big, bold, beautiful, yet too fragile to survive outside a pristine environment. I […]

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Where to find Wallace Nutting

The Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut (, is home to the largest portion of Wallace Nutting’s collection of original 17th- and 18th-century furnishings, some 550 pieces of furniture, ironwork, lamps, kitchen tools, and other goods, in addition to a sizable collection of the Nutting factories’ 20th-century reproduction furniture, design templates, and hand-tinted photos. Nutting furniture […]

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