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Arnold Arboretum
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Arnold Arboretum | New England’s Gifts

No other arboretum in North America is so old. Few boast more trees and shrubs gathered from around the globe. Arnold Arboretum, Harvard’s magnificent library of trees, 281 acres between South and Centre streets in Jamaica Plain, has always had two tasks: first, to provide a museum of well-ordered woody plants; second, to provide random […]

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Monadnock: It’s Never Lonely at the Top

Yankee classic from August 1991 Those who first climbed Mount Monadnock for fun in the early 1800s probably went in search of those blueberries of which Thoreau wrote. Hikers today can still scale Monadnock’s slopes and return with buckets brimming with berries. There may be easier places to find that azure fruit, but perhaps none […]

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Hints from the Hawthorne

Beds: Top-of-the-line Stearns & Foster mattresses with pillowtops and high-quality duvets. Sheets are all-cotton with 300-400 thread count. Each room has a mixture of four pillows (feather, fiberfill, hard, and soft). To cover a four-poster canopy bed, Gregory and Marilyn adapted an antique pulled-and-tatted linen tablecloth, perfectly sized and patterned to cover the posts with […]

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The Detail: Showcase Closets

Because Gregory and Marilyn didn’t want to keep their treasures hidden in a drawer, or collecting dust on an open shelf where they could get broken, they incorporated an attractive solution throughout the inn: showcase closets. In the dining room, Gregory cut the center wood panel out of the door of a closet that had […]

Sitting Room
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Concord, MA: Hawthorne Inn

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d take to convert your home to a great getaway, consider the experience of Gregory Burch and Marilyn Mudry. For some 30 years, they’ve made the Hawthorne Inn in Concord, Massachusetts, home to their family of five and more than 100,000 travelers. That’s a lot of houseguests when you’re raising […]

Roy Clark Band
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Brownfield, ME: Stone Mountain Music

  In the foothills of the White Mountains, some 20 miles east of North Conway, New Hampshire, lies the remote village of Brownfield, Maine, the unlikely music center of New England. A terrible forest fire destroyed the town back in 1947; flames ravaged the school, the churches, the fine homes, the tall pines. Many families […]