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raccoon deterrent
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Raccoon Deterrent | 4 Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of Garbage Cans

Sometimes a practical raccoon deterrent can yield surprising results. Learn four ways to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans for good.

How To

Prevent Tiled Shower Leaks

Tiled showers are beautiful but prone to grout cracks and leaks. Find out the simple way to prevent tiled shower leaks. A tiled shower can significantly upgrade the look of a bathroom, but hairline cracks in the tile grout can be a troublesome source of water leaks. Learn how to prevent tiled shower leaks by […]

Unfinished Vintage Chairs

Age Unfinished Wood | DIY

When workers remodeled the kitchen of our town hall several years ago, they tossed out an old unfinished kitchen chair with one missing leg. I brought it home, thinking I might fix it. The chair sat untouched for so long that I finally decided to throw it away. But an auctioneer friend said that he’d […]

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