Edie Clark


Saying Rabbit, Rabbit | The Luck of the English

What does “Rabbit, Rabbit!” mean? Why do people say “Rabbit!” on the first day of each month? Read on to learn about this slightly superstitious tradition.

Yankee Magazine

December Babies | Mary’s Farm

Those of us born in December often arrive late, or so say the old wives, who claim that these fiery infants aren’t anxious to come forth into the cold world. I was apparently not interested in that cold entry, as I was born on December 10 rather than November 14, the day my mother expected […]

Yankee Magazine

Half Buried | Mary’s Farm

Last fall, I was pruning the lilacs that grow on the east side of my barn. Since they are easily 15 feet tall, this is not a simple task, and it requires the use of a ladder. I was making good progress, taking away the old growth to let the new shoots come in more […]

Yankee Magazine

Beacon of Strength | Mary’s Farm

I almost drowned three times before I turned 5. The first near-miss happened when I was only 3 and my father was carrying me out to the big surf, as I had begged him to do. An enormous wave tore me from his arms and into the crashing sea. It felt as if I had […]

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