Geoffrey Douglas


“Inferno” | The Worcester Fire of 1999

The Worcester fire of 1999 was dangerous, but the kind the firefighters fought several times each year. Then something happened, and everything when black. Learn more in this 2000 Yankee classic.


The Double Life of Laura Shaw

Was Laura Shaw a reclusive, lonely, mild-mannered claims clerk or a high-rolling, horse-owning millionaire? When she embezzled more than 4 million dollars, she was both. Laura Shaw is rich. A millionaire horsewoman with homes in three states. Some say she’s a lottery winner. Or the daughter of a Midwest jeweler. Or a supermarket heiress from […]

Yankee Magazine

Lowell, MA: Poet Paul Marion

Mr. Alphonse Hudon, / wearing a blue parka and dress hat, / leans on his cane on Pawtucket Street, / checking the freshly tarred walk / and grove of short pines / along the Northern Canal. / “Looks good, doesn’t it?” I ask. / And he says, “I liked it better the way it was,” […]