Josh Allen

A Frozen Window

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 17

There are many reasons why Okemo has been a good place to be this winter. We’ve had epic snow and beautiful days bathed in sunlight. But each time I was asked on the chair lift, “So what’s it like working here?” I replied that it was the people, more than anything else, that made it […]

Above the Summig

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 16

It’s nearly the end of March. It seems as if just the other day I was walking down the slopes of Okemo with orange discos bound together by rope, getting the trails ready for snow. And then the snow came. It came in huge amounts, in lucky storms strung across the days and months that […]

Tired Trees

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 15

Monday “So last week I discussed the meaning of life. This week I’ll go even deeper and answer the burning question: “What does a ski patroller eat?!” It makes sense that ski patrollers must eat super healthy to stay ready for action at any given moment, right? Um, sort of… Now, don’t get me wrong […]

Lull of Clouds

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 14

Monday I’ve been feeling philosophical lately. I don’t really know what that means because it means something different to everyone. But that’s okay. So bear with me as I try to figure out a few things this week. I’ll start with life. I can tell you that the meaning isn’t found in a book. It’s […]

Brilliant Sky

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 13

Monday I skied on silk today. My skis nearly silent as they propelled me across the snow, the impenetrable fog of drizzle holding me in an isolating grasp, the thin glaze of ice on my goggles, and the soft, constant companion of frozen clatter on my jacket created a shell away from the world that […]

Early Morning Hut

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 12

Monday It’s holiday vacation week. Vacation week means a flood of action for us patrollers. There was rarely a dull moment today, and the voices on the radio were continuous, sometimes unsettled, and symbolic of a different atmosphere for the mountain. Mid-week days bring fewer people, and thus fewer chances for incidents. There are accidents, […]

Defiant Tree

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 11

Monday The snowballs were quite epic today. You see, it was just warm enough to create perfect snowball conditions, and yet maintain a nice soft snow surface to ski upon whilst having a downhill snowball fight. Hypothetically, that is. I would not be playing with snowballs while performing my duties as a patroller. Well, at […]

Solo on Tuckered Out

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 10

Monday If you’ve never had bright orange and yellow tassels on your ski poles, you’re missing out big time. Not only do my newly acquired pole decorations add color to any overcast day, they instantly make me the coolest patroller on the mountain. Why else would every guest on Mountain Road turn to watch me […]

Half pipe

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 9

Monday It’s a good thing that I was dispatching today. You see, I had the bright idea to try snowboarding yesterday afternoon. I made it down without falling on two runs. For the other six I think I fell more frequently than I stood upright. I’ve never had so much fun falling over and over […]


Diary of A Ski Patrolman: Week 8

Monday My car choked starting this morning. It sounded like a struggling antelope in the death grip of a fierce lion, or perhaps it was just cursing at me for turning the key. But I didn’t blame it, not one bit. After all, it was -24 degrees last night. Incredibly cold to be a ski […]

Icy Chickadee

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 7

Monday As of last Friday I’ve acquired yet another honorable nickname. At least, I think it’s honorable. It’s called the “Herb” award. Well, it’s a yellow name tag that I must wear proudly on my vest, just above the old one that says my actual name. Actually, I don’t know what my actual name is […]

Ski Patrollers

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 6

Monday Skiing a patient down in a toboggan is no easy task. It often times involves some pleasant, fiery burning in my legs and reduces my biceps to wet noodles. But it’s all worth it, to make sure my patient is safe. So, since it’s just not hard enough, let’s throw in some moguls! Yep, […]

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