Justin Shatwell


When Is It Okay to Turn on the Heat in New England?

I’ve never known a New Englander who hasn’t had a fixed date of when it’s okay to turn on the heat. And more often than not, it’s completely ludicrous.

Yankee Magazine

Twilight in Dinosaur Land

“It’s funny. When your parents die, you have all these one-time things you have to do.” Kornell Nash reclines in a weathered chair in his cramped office. A space heater in the corner keeps the late spring chill at bay. Beside the 15-year-old computer on his desk, a handful of fossils lie in an awkward […]

Yankee Magazine

The Road Less Traveled

When is reporting a travel story not something to brag about? When you don’t know where you’re going. Several years ago, Yankee’s Justin Shatwell wrote about one particular journey that went awry. My editor and a longtime travel writer, Mel Allen, often hands out the sage advice to “get lost, but carry a good map.” […]

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