Lee Michaelides

Lupines in the Setting Sun (user submitted)
Yankee Magazine

Spring | New England Numbers

What are the numbers behind spring in New England? The ounces of blood a blackfly will draw, the number of strolling heifers in Brattleboro, VT, lupine in Acadia National Park… 0.00007 ounce: blood drawn before a blackfly says, “I’m stuffed.” $2.00 price of “WE BREED ‘EM, YOU FEED ‘EM” bumper sticker from the Maine Blackfly […]

Yankee Magazine

New England Numbers: Snow

$139.99 price of a swinging “plow-proof” mailbox made by MainelyMetals of Pittston, Maine 35 mph or greater wind speed, with snow visibility less than a quarter-mile for at least three hours: official National Weather Service definition of blizzard 83 pounds per square foot: snow-bearing capacity requirement for roofs in coastal Maine (New Jersey roof requirement: […]

Mud Buddies
Yankee Magazine

Mud Season Facts and Trivia

Frozen in place. Worse than getting stuck in the mud is having the mud freeze solid around the tires after you’ve given up on the car and walked home. The wrong way to free a frozen-in car is to gun the engine. The right way is to jack up each wheel. Worst road in Maine. […]