R. Wayne Mezitt


Is Burning Bush Invasive?

Is burning bush invasive? Learn more about this common landscape plant, plus several burning bush substitutes that pose no threat.

Field Vole

Get Rid of Voles

We’d like to get rid of voles in our yard without using poison, as we have rabbits and other animals around. — M.S., Westford, MA Voles (field mice) build tunnels in the landscape and lawn and can cause considerable damage to root systems, stems, and other plant parts. Vole populations are cyclical and encouraged by […]


Prevent Pest Damage to Hollyhocks

I had gorgeous hollyhocks for years, but this year a half-inch bug took up residence in the double ones, beginning with the leaves. How can I prevent pest damage to my hollyhocks next spring? — Sister A.C., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY A number of insects can damage hollyhocks: among them, the hollyhock sawfly, the red-banded leafroller […]

Yankee Magazine

Control Lily Leaf Beetles | Gardening Advice

The leaves on my lily plants are all tattered and chewed. I noticed small bright-orange/red beetles on them, and also gooey black insects under the leaves. What should I do? Both the grub (larva) and adult lily leaf beetle (also called the Asiatic lily beetle) feed on true lilies (not daylilies) in spring and summer. […]

Japanese knotweed dt

Japanese Knotweed | Garden Solutions

A tall, grassy plant we call “bamboo” has been spreading like wildfire near a brook on our property, and we can’t control it. We don’t want to use anything that will affect our water, wells, or wildlife. — P.D.S., Agawam, MA Polygonum cuspidatum, commonly known as Japanese knotweed or Japanese bamboo, was introduced from eastern […]


Are Daylily Buds Edible | Gardening Question

Are daylily buds edible? How do you cook them? — F.P., Berlin, NH The flower buds, flowers, leaves, and even roots of the daylily (Hemerocallis) are universally considered edible. But with any new food, it’s always prudent to try a small amount first in case your system reacts differently. Some people, for example, may have […]

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