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The High-Rise Cliffhanger | Rhode Island’s Superman Building

For romantics like me, time is the architect’s best collaborator. Decay transforms the banal into high art: Wallpaper and paint crackle into baroque curls; plaster softens to dust; floorboards bend; stone stains; water leeches into crevices and freezes, prying loose bricks and mortar. The illustrious Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier stood in awe of these transformations […]

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From Away

Maine had been her haven since childhood. Then a virus arrived, and with it a fear of outsiders. Award-winning journalist Rachel Slade recounts her family’s Covid quarantine experience in this thought-provoking essay.

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Rustic Lakefront Home in Maine | A 400-Square-Foot Getaway

A second home doesn’t have to drain your bank account. One intrepid New Englander reveals how she landed her perfect waterfront getaway for less than $200,000. Photo/Art by Lynn Karlin Some people like their vacation houses big—equipped with every convenience and luxury. But photographer Lynn Karlin has a different idea. At her tiny lakefront home […]