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Becoming a Flock | First Person

Watching the lives of birds can bring joy—and community—in a time when we need it most.

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The Special Sounds of Winter

You’ll Discover the Special Sounds of Winter Winter begins with a decisive snow. Spinning only a little, the flakes fall fast, big and feathery, and with no more sound than that of a small child’s sigh in sleep. They cover the ground and keep on falling, muting the last rough cacophony of autumn. The chipmunk […]

Puffin Eating
New England

Puffins and Other Sea Birds

Yankee Classic from April 1999 by Susan Shetterly The Gulf of Maine narrows at the south of the Bay of Fundy, separating Maine from Nova Scotia and stretching, like the head of a herring gull with its bill slightly open, up into New Brunswick. For six of every 12 hours, tides expose miles of rock […]