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Halloween Crafts | Haunted House Candle Holder

Looking for an easy Halloween craft? Paper candle holders made to look like haunted houses are perfect!

By Matthew Mead

Oct 10 2007

Haunted House

Haunted House Candle Holder

Photo Credit : David Foster
Haunted House Candle Holder
Haunted House Candle Holders
Photo Credit : David Foster

Materials to Make a Haunted House Candle Holder

Black Canson paper Glass cylinder candle holder Orange or yellow tissue paper Tape White gel pen Artist’s knife 4-inch pillar candle

Instructions to Make a Haunted House Candle Holder

Cut black paper to wrap completely around cylinder; set aside. Cut tissue to fit around cylinder and tape in place along the seam. With the gel pen, draw a house or a series of buildings on the precut black paper (or buy a haunted house stencil at a crafts store). Cut out a silhouette with the artist’s knife, wrap around cylinder, and tape in place. Place a candle inside and light it.