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Dog Bed
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Make a DIY Pet Bed | Inspired Ideas

Pets love to nest, and making a practical, comfortable bed for your dog or cat is fun and easy: Just add wooden knob feet to an old drawer and line it with a plush handcrafted pillow and fiber-filled bumper. Materials to Make a DIY Pet Bed 1 cast-off drawer with knobs sandpaper primer wood glue […]

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Autumn Serving Tray | Autumn Crafts

This autumn serving tray is perfect for delivering coffee, cider, or breakfast in bed. Materials to Make Autumn Serving Tray 2 sheet of leaves — choose from yellow leaves, red leaves, or brown leaves. 3 sheets of textured background scissors 1 frame, 181/8” L x 141/8” W x 13/8” H 1 bottle autumn-gold acrylic paint […]

Vintage Housewares
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Antique Shops for Vintage Housewares

Antiques add richness to any home decor. Here are some of Matthew Mead’s favorite places to shop for vintage housewares. ANTIQUES USA, Route 1, Arundel/Kennebunk, ME 800-872-1114, 207-985-7766; YORK ANTIQUES GALLERY, Route 1, York, ME 207-363-5002; WHITE HOME COLLECTIONS, 9 Greenville Road, Wilton, NH 603-654-7363; CONCORD ANTIQUE GALLERY, 97 Storrs St., Concord, […]

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Gift Wrap Ideas from Matthew Mead

I love old metal tins, and hunting for them at thrift and antiques shops is an easy and inexpensive way to get into the spirit of the season. Here’s how you can turn a serendipitous find into the perfect setting for your favorite baked goods, to give or to keep. 1. Line the tin with […]

Things That Go Bump — Spider Web
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Halloween Crafts | Ghosts on Glass

Materials to Make Ghosts on Glass Several pieces (4×5, 5×7, and 8×10 inches) of picture glass from glass store Contact paper Pencil Artist’s knife Stencil paintbrush Etching cream from crafts store Copper tape from stained-glass store Instructions to Make Ghosts on Glass Cut piece of contact paper the same size as the glass. Peel backing […]

Boogeyman in the Window
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Halloween Crafts | Boogeyman in the Window

Materials to Make Boogeyman in the Window Ruler 6 sheets black Canson card stock paper Elmer’s clear glue White gel pen Artist’s knife Instructions to Make Boogeyman in the Window Measure each windowpane and cut paper to fit. Place a small amount of glue on each corner of the windowpanes. Place paper in the windows […]

Stairway Vampire
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Halloween Crafts | Make a Spooky Stairway Vampire

Deck your house out with this spooky stairway vampire. Or try your hand at creating a witch or goblin. We think they’re all frightfully fun! Materials to Make a Stairway Vampire Ruler 6 sheets black Canson card stock paper Tape White gel pen Scissors Double-stick tape Pumpkins, candles, squash Instructions to Make a Stairway Vampire […]