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15 Best Apple Orchards in New England

Apple picking is one of those fall activities that never grow old. Senior food editor Amy Traverso shares her list of the best apple orchards in New England.


May Flowers Fizz

This refreshing gin cocktail was inspired by a Weekends with Yankee visit to Tamworth Distilling at the southern edge of the White Mountains. Fragrant with aromas of ginger, lime, and rose, it’s a terrific way to celebrate blossom season. 

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Her Heart’s Home | Timeless New England

Sixty years ago, Olga Huckins of Duxbury, Massachusetts, sent a letter to a friend describing the state’s aerial spraying of DDT on her property. Furious and frightened by the dead songbirds she’d seen afterward, Huckins thought her friend could help raise the alarm about this “spraying of poisons from the air.” The friend was writer […]

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Foolproof Roses | Winter-Hardy Varieties

Rose envy may be a thing of the past with these winter-hardy varieties. Not far from Mark Twain’s home in Hartford, Connecticut, is a garden that defies all weather. Planted in 1904, just six years before the humorist died, Elizabeth Park is the oldest public rose garden in the country, a spectacle of color and […]


Are Daylily Buds Edible | Gardening Question

Are daylily buds edible? How do you cook them? — F.P., Berlin, NH The flower buds, flowers, leaves, and even roots of the daylily (Hemerocallis) are universally considered edible. But with any new food, it’s always prudent to try a small amount first in case your system reacts differently. Some people, for example, may have […]

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