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Appalachian Trail Hikers | Featured Photographer Chris Bennett

A collection of portraits from photographer Chris Bennett featuring Appalachian Trail hikers in their element.

Victorian Scrap Paper Ornament
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Holiday Crafts | Make Victorian Scrap Ornaments

Prelude festivities started this week in Kennebunkport, Maine and I was offered the opportunity to join other artists at Bandaloop’s Artisan Market for a craft show as part of the events.  Although I have plenty of items for general shows, I was lacking festive holiday wares.  I had some beautiful holiday themed paper on hand so I decided […]

Simple paper feathers
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Simple Paper Feathers

As someone who frequently finds feathers out of doors, it’s ironic that I still get excited to make paper ones to add to my feather collection.  I initially tried a few different tutorials for making paper feathers and they turned out well enough. Some were made with silver wire, floral wire or rolled paper for the feather stem.  I tried feathers […]

How To

Make Your Own Display Boxes

I wanted to add spring colors to our walls and I had several small cardboard boxes on hand — so I made these display boxes. Display boxes (also called “shadowboxes”) can be arranged on the wall for showcasing a collection of small treasures.  The items in the boxes can be changed out as needed whenever […]

How To

DIY Easter Baskets

Easter baskets can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes, and themes.  But if you are uninspired by the selections available in stores, or if you love crafting, you can make your own!  These DIY Easter baskets evoke a nostalgic feel and are a nice size for party favors, gift giving, or decorating an Easter […]

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